My 10 Favorite Prompts for Couple Sessions

    As the weather gets warmer up here in the Adirondacks, wedding + engagement session season is approaching quickly! So I thought I would share some of my favorite prompts to use for couple sessions.



    The drunk walk is a classic go to prompt of mine! For this one I start by having my couples hold hands side by side about 10-15 feet away from me. I then tell them to slowly walk towards me while looking at each other or at the ground in front of them. However, to make it funnier I tell them to bump into each other a lot + act like they had one to many drinks while they are walking. This makes for some genuine laughter! You can also, just have them slowly walk towards you while looking at each other. This makes for a super sweet + loving photos.



    This prompt is good for adventurous outdoor as well as in-home sessions! The intimacy in it just always amazes me. I’ll have one of person from the couple sit on the ground so that their side is facing me. I’ll then tell the other person to sit in between their legs with their own legs over top of the other person’s hips. It’s like if they were to jump into their lover’s arms for a hug with their legs wrapped around their waste after not seeing them for a long time except it’s sitting down. Not sure if I confused you more or if that helped you visualize it better (lol).



    Ok this one is probably my favorite! You always get different results + such a fun expressions. I’ll start off by tell my couples to face each other + take one or two steps apart (about an arms length). Then I’ll tell them to grab each other’s wrists + start spinning each other in circles! I’ll have them do it for a short amount of time so that they don’t get super dizzy, but I’ll have them try it a couple more times to get different angles + results!



    Now I want cinnamon sugar pretzel (lol)…

    This one is fun because it usually make them laugh when I say, “Now fold like a pretzel”. To start I’ll have my one person from the couple stand facing me then tell the other person to stand in front of them with their back to their belly. Then I’ll have them extend both their arms + grab each other’s hands. Then I’ll have them fold up their arms like a pretzel! It’s kind of like a hug from behind but they’re arms are all tangled up + it looks less like a prom pose (you’re welcome). I’ll then have the back person lean a little forward onto the front person + sway them side-to-side. This adds movement + more energy to the pose.


    5. PLAY TAG

    This is one I just started doing recently + I’m obsessed. I’ll give the couple a small area to stay in + then have them play tag with each other like they are little kids! It looks like they are chasing one another + is so playful / fun. To give the prompt a little more variety I’ll have them bear hug each other from behind (or even tackle each other) while playing tag.



    When I get stumped + have a major brain fart during a session dancing is my go to. I’ll have the couple face each other + DANCE! I try not to specify a type of dance (slow or crazy) because want them to interpret it in their own way. Sometimes you’ll get the sweetest slow dancing or the funniest dance party!



    I love the prompt because you can use it with any kind of pose to make the person being attacked laugh genuinely. If the couple is facing each other, hugging from behind, etc. I’ll just tell one of them to attack the other person with kisses all over their face, neck + shoulder.


    8. BAD A**

    This is a classic if you have an epic building or some gorgeous scenery in the background. I’ll start off by telling the couple to stand side by side facing me + step one foot apart. I’ll then have them hold hands + look off in different directions. To make it look even more epic take a few steps back to get a wide angle + get lower to the ground so that you are slightly looking up at them.



    This pose is always super sweet. I’ll start off by having the couple hold hands side by side then have one of them take a step in front of the other so that they are leading the other. I’ll then tell both of them to walk slowly towards me or towards some landmark while they glance at each other + the ground. Have them switch places + do the same thing for some variety!



    When it’s pouring down rain, you’re near a waterfall or you’re on top of a mountain this pose is a must! I’ll start off by backing up a lot to get a wide angle shot of the scenery. Then I’ll tell my couple to have one of them put their arms around the other person’s neck + jump up on them with their legs around their waist. Then I’ll tell them to go in for a gentle kiss + hold it. After I get a few wide angle shots I’ll run in for a couple up close ones (getting all the way up to just their faces in the frame!). This gives you a variety of framing with the same pose!


    Bonus Tip…

    If the prompt is really silly or crazy, I always make sure to demonstrate it for my couples! This helps them feel more comfortable doing it because they think, “Wow. She looks like an idiot so now I don’t feel as dumb doing this.” It also shows them what exactly I’m asking them to do because let’s face it…words are hard sometimes (especially when you are shooting + talking at the same time lol). That’s why demonstrating the prompt can be helpful as well!


    Learn more tips + tricks like this at workshop I’m teaching at this summer!


    May 3, 2019