How to Get Started with Travel Wedding Photography

    My husband + I love to travel anywhere + everywhere! We purposefully plan one international trip + a few trips in the states every year. The past 2 years as my business has grown I’ve been able to travel a lot for work too which has been amazing! So I thought I’d share some tips on how I’ve slowly made this happen for my business…


    Make sure your website, Facebook business page, Instagram bio, etc. say that you travel. This will help potential clients be aware that you might come to them if they aren’t in your specific area, but love your work + brand. However, you can’t just say that you travel + not actually do it though (I’ve seen this a lot sadly). Which brings me to my next point…


    This may seem super obvious, but it’s the easiest way you’ll start actually booking wedding, elopements + shoots outside of where you are based at! Plan a trip literally anywhere. It doesn’t have to be out of the country, it could just be in another state. It could even be when you travel for vacation or it could be an intentional trip to portfolio build for travel photography. Make it somewhere that you are really want to go to + shoot in though! Make sure you post a lot about your travel plans on your Instagram stories + Facebook so your followers + potential clients know about it. Once you do this a few times it will show them that you travel + love / are happy to do it.


    Once you have your trip(s) all planned out, do some location scouting (google maps is the best for this!) + find places you’d love to shoot at that fit well with your brand. National parks are always a win + I try to shoot in them when I’m around some! You can plan simple couple shoots or even larger styled wedding shoots. I usually location search on Instagram to find couples (creepy I know haha) + reach out to them offering a free session in the location I want to shoot in. Sometimes they ignore me (which is totally fine!) + sometimes they respond with a YES / are really excited. Don’t be afraid to get rejected. There’s no harm in asking! If you want to plan out a more elaborate wedding styled shoot I’d start by reaching out to vendors in that area + do it a while in advance. I think the easiest way would be reaching out to a wedding planner or posting in FB groups (Styled Shoos Across America is amazing for this).


    Once you’ve traveled / explored your new place, shot some photos + edited them, the next step would be to post the crap out of those images! Post them in your Instagram stories + feed + be sure to tag the locations. Also, post them on your personal Facebook profile or your business page if you have one. You never know which friends you have on that platform that live in a different state or country that might want your services. Now that they know you travel + do it for work, they might hire you! I would also put the best photos from that session(s) all over your website + any other marketing platforms you are on.


    Once you start traveling + offer free shoots in new places a few times, slowly, but surely clients will start to book you for travel sessions + weddings. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends you know of that are getting married in a different state or country + send them your pricing / wedding packages. It doesn’t hurt to ask! The worst they can say is no. I hope this was helpful + that you feel confident to put these steps into action. Happy traveling!


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    June 14, 2019