Hey there! Call me Kortni. I’m a small town girl that grew up in the Adirondack mountains of New York that has a big sense of adventure. I love traveling the world for work + for fun! I’m a wife to my best friend. His name is Mike + he’s a cutie! We’re kind of inseparable. If you’re into Eneagram + Myers-Briggs, you should know that I’m a 9w8 + an ISFP. Some things I love are working out, being outdoors, traveling + watching dumb TV shows in bed with Mike.

    I’ve always been artistic, but not very good at the traditional drawing, painting, etc. I had a few older friends that were into photography + they sparked my interest in it which led to me buying my first real camera. I kept falling more in love with photography + eventually realized how much I enjoyed photographing people which led to weddings! I shot my first wedding 6 years ago, but I started shooting + loving photography when I was in middle school.

    For over 2 years I was the Creative + Branding Manager at an international non-profit organization up in the Adirondacks where I managed all of their photography, graphic design + video content. Now I’m a full-time freelance Wedding Photographer + Graphic Designer. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography, Business + Studio Arts from Liberty University.

    I'm all about capturing love, timeless portraits + candid moments for laid-back + adventurous lovers. My unique style is journalistic photography, capturing moments as they unfold in the areas of portraits, engagements, weddings, elopements + just about anything to do with people. I’m constantly capturing real moments, raw emotions + creating art as I adventure all over the world. I strive to take photos that evoke emotion + take you back in time.


    When I was a kid I wanted to be a chef when I grew up.
    I was a major tom boy until I was a teenager. 
    I prefer the mountains over the beach. I was born in Florida, but my family moved up to the Adirondacks in upstate New York when I was 5. So I grew up in these mountains + call them home! There’s just something so comforting + inspiring about mountains to me now.
    I prefer chocolate over vanilla…or really over any flavor ever. Chocolate is my go-to hands down.
    I have a desk in my room 2 feet away from my bed, but somehow I always manage to barely use it + sit in bed while I work all day. I now have awful posture.
    I never finish a cup of coffee in the morning. Mike thinks it is hilarious + will always point it out when he sees my half finished cold coffee on the night stand.
    I’m terrible at swimming. I like being in the water when it’s warm out + enjoy having fun in a pool with friends, but I seriously suck at treading water + swimming at all. Mike on the other hand is an incredible swimmer + used to swim competitively so now I always joke about racing him when we swim!
    I have naturally auburn brown hair, but have been dying it red with henna since I was 17!
    Settlers of Catan is my favorite board game + I'm very competitive haha.
    I'm obsessed with the show New Girl.


    Besides having a major in Graphic Design + a minor in Photography, Business + Studio Arts, I've also attended Photography workshops to further my knowledge + learn from some of the best in the industry. I attended Thrive Wildly taught by Melissa Marshall + Abby Roses in August 2017. As well as Alpine Northwest taught by India Earl, Jordan Voth + Wyn Wiley in January 2018.