5 Tips to up Your Instagram Game

    Today I was thinking about my favorite FREE marketing tool. That’s right…you may have already guessed that it’s Instagram. It’s the app that everyone uses now + it’s something small businesses should be taking advantage of! So I thought I’d share some tips to help you guys improve your Instagram.


    My first tip is to plan out your feed ahead of time. This not only helps you stay more consistent, but saves you so much time!

    Choose which photos you want to post in advance so that you can see what they will look like next to each other. I use the app “UNUM” to plan out my images. In addition to planning out your photos you also will want to prepare your written content ahead of time as well. This is something new that I have implemented into my work schedule for the past few months. It has helped me be so much more consistent with posting at the same time every day + it has also helped me be more thoughtful with my captions / what I want to say to my audience. I write out 2 – 4 weeks of content at a time + store them in my notes on my phone. It’s annoying to spend time writing all my captions out ahead of time, but it only takes me about 2 – 4 hours to do it. I set aside one morning or afternoon every 2 – 4 weeks to get this done. I try to make sure my written content tells a story (about the photo I’m posting), asks a question to engage with the audience / give them a call to action, or teaches something / benefits my audience in some way.


    While you are planning out your feed you need to keep in mind that contrast + uniformity are key. What I mean by contrast is to try not to post the same type of photo in a row. Like when you post a close up of a couple kissing try to post a farther away shot of a couple laughing + running for you next post, etc. What I mean by uniformity is make sure that your editing gives all your photos on your feed the same look + feel. Using a preset is a good start for anyone that is new to the editing world. When your photos / posts look cohesive throughout your feed your potential clients know what to expect if they hire you + your audience can always recognize your images in their newsfeed!


    I post 5 days a week between 9 – 10AM every morning. I don’t post on the weekends since I am usually pretty busy with weddings, elopements + other shoots. Keep in mind that consistency can look different for everyone though! My consistency will be different than yours. If consistently posting for you is once a week on the same day + same time than that is awesome. Do what works best for you, but just be sure to keep it consistent! Have I said consistent enough times yet? 😉


    Instagram stories are such a fun way to engage with your audience + show them who you are! Don’t be afraid to try out the different things that IG Stories has to offer. For example the different stickers (quizzes, polls, questions, etc.) are a great way to get feedback from your audience + help them engage with you!

    I love using VSCO to edit all my iPhone photos + videos so that they look a little more professional + are consistent before I post them on my IG Story. I also use the app “Unfold” for their lovely designed story templates to make my stories a little more appealing + unique!


    This one is the easiest + also somehow the hardest haha. Even if you are more introverted, your audience still wants to see you + get to know you!

    Show up in your feed. I try to make sure I post a photo of myself with a caption that tells my audience a little bit more about me every week / every 5 posts. This might be a lot for some people if they haven’t every showed their face in their feed before. I’d recommend starting out by posting a photo of yourself every 9 images so that people that land on your IG profile can easily see who you are without having to scroll down to find you.

    Show up in your IG Stories. This can be as simple as posting a photo of you drinking coffee in the morning to something more interactive like a video of you talking to your audience about your day. I’m not the best at this, but I try to post at least one photo or video of myself on my IG Story a day. This helps new followers get to know you a little quicker + helps loyal followers feel closer to you every day.


    I hope this is helpful + that you can start implementing these to help your Instagram game. Happy Instagramming!


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    May 24, 2019