3 Reasons Why Eloping Might be Your Jam

    It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post! The crazy wedding season has finally slowed down for me so I thought I’d talk about something I love …


    Here are 3 reasons why eloping or having an intimate wedding might be your jam + why I think they are pretty dope!

    First off + most important … it focuses on the two of you. During your day you won’t have the stress of putting on a big wedding event. Like making sure all your random guests (some of which you felt obligate to invite) are happy, the venue is all set up, the food is delicious, the flowers are perfect, etc. Rather you’ll just be focused on marrying your best friend in front of those you care about most! Mike + I eloped for our wedding almost 3 years ago now + it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We rented a big ski lodge / B&B, had both of our immediate families stay there + got married in the living room in front of the big fireplace. It was absolutely perfect + focused on US. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

    You can do things your own way + at your own pace. You can invite whoever the heck you want or you can literally just have it be the two of you! You want to get married in a week or wait 2 years? You do you. Mike + I got married 3 months after we got engaged + just invited our immediate families to the ceremony.

    Since you are saving a lot of money from skipping the big wedding, you can spend it where it really matters (in my opinion). Some examples could be …

    … the dress you really really want that makes you feel like a million bucks …

    … or a talented + professional media team to document your day so you can share it with the ones you love …

    … or a destination elopement or honeymoon of a lifetime where you can start out your married life on an adventure across the world …

    I didn’t spend a ton of money on my dress, but I LOVED it. It was perfect for me. We had the best photographer + videographer document our day! I’m obsessed with the photos + get teary-eyed watching our wedding video. Lastly, we spent our money on our second international trip away together + honeymooned in Switzerland + northern Italy. It was awesome!

    Elopements + intimate weddings are definitely not for everyone. Also, I’m not saying big weddings are bad! Being surrounded by your closest friends + family can be a surreal + amazing feeling. I’m just letting you know that there are options when it comes to your wedding day. In the end you should both do what’s best for you! However, if you’re seriously thinking of eloping + need an adventurous, down-to-earth photographer. I’m your girl! Shoot me an email + let’s make this happen.


    January 17, 2020